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How Our Struggles and Peace-of-Mind are the Same

At first glance this title seems paradoxical, how can we struggle and be at peace at the same time? How can chaos turn into rhythm? How can a caterpillar become a butterfly? Certainly not through logic, it makes no logical sense. Yet time and time again, nature has proven logic wrong. Nature has shown that through a majestic turbulence arises a beauty that is beyond form; that a river can carve out a rock formation that we are in awe of, that the winds off the sea can make the landscape of trees form into something we fall in love with. What is that? What is that blend of force that is seemingly destructive, lead to a new beauty?

What is that energy that we allow ourselves to fall into, yet at the same time, fear? Time and time again it remains omnipresent and turns out to be better than what we logically thought of. What is that field of energy that holds our galaxies together, our electrons in orbit? Are they the same?

This energy, while invisible to us, that is theorized to hold our galaxies together is called “dark matter.” Is it the same as the energy in our molecules? Dark matter is not visible, it is called dark because light goes right through it. But it is a powerful force, beyond our comprehension.

The ancients would perhaps call it God, an energy which is unexplainable beyond measure. And what about faith? Which is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).

Studies have shown that individuals who believe in some sort of spiritual life (or invisible energy) have greater resilience through times of the unknown, are less prone to depression and anxiety, and have greater engagement and purpose in their overall lives. That quality of life for them is better overall. Perhaps this experience that we call a spiritual life, or a God factor is the force that holds our planets and atoms in place. However, it is not found in logic, it is rather found in contemplation, in quietness, in mindfulness, or in prayer.