At SK we work to find the underlying cause of our patients' symptoms, problems and health concerns.

Don’t get sick, every day you stay healthy and alive is another day that medical science gets closer to finding the ultimate cure to curb disease and aging.

Preventive Therapy

What do I need to know to always feel healthy? What should I avoid? What should I take and when should I take it?

You now have to make the most important decision for your health. Prevention is an invaluable resource that should be considered essential to stay healthy throughout your life.

We must become aware of how prevention can help us between the ages of 30 and 40, taking special care of our systems: circulatory, digestive and osteoarticular as well as premature aging of the skin, muscle atrophy, decrease in libido and cognitive decline before resorting to drugs. Remaining vigilant to premature pain in the joints is also very important.

How can people in their 50s and 60s speed up their metabolism? Why should they have their hormone levels checked? Why should they take care of their diabetes, and why think before getting plastic surgery? How should we prepare when we reach 70 and 80 years old? How do we avoid the symptoms of a stroke from appearing, maintain a 100% active memory, prevent fractures and minimize the risks of heart disease? These are questions we need to consider.

What if you knew that there was way to help increase immune function, improve memory and cognitive abilities, increase libido without drugs, improve speed of wound healing, increase aerobic capacity, increase muscle mass and most importantly a way to reverse the progression of deterioration and decay of health? What would happen if you knew that a therapy based on CELLULAR NUTRITION can give you a high rate of prevention of degenerative diseases allowing you to extend your life expectancy, functioning organically healthy, that doesn’t contain drugs or hormones or any harmful chemical components like some prescription drugs and which also have no contraindications?

In general, the most efficient method that a doctor has to deduce the nutritional and health status of an individual is through a series of questionnaires that provide information about their medical history, their family history as well as their ailments and discomforts.


The future is tomorrow. The truth of the matter is that everyone should be attending their doctor regularly to avoid illnesses. Currently, the majority of people go to their doctor when there is a symptom or when they begin to suffer from some disease but more often than not, we are exposed to catastrophic diseases due to a lack of preventative measures.

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