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Inflammation Free

When inflammation levels increase, the risk of disease also increases, since when any disease occurs the levels of inflammation increase naturally because the body fights the disease. In other words, inflammation is both good and bad.  

But on the other hand, chronic inflammation is a slow and progressive disorder caused by an immune system error that keeps the body in a prolonged state of constant high alert.

Over time, inflammation damages healthy cells, when cells are in danger, they release chemicals that alert the immune system. The site fills with white blood cells that work to absorb bacteria, viruses, damaged cells, and debris from an infection or injury. If the damage is very severe, they call in the reinforcing cells (called neutrophils) that are the hand grenades of the immune system: they destroy everything they find, healthy or not. Neutrophils have a short lifespan, but in chronic inflammation they continue to be released even after the real threat is gone, causing damage to the healthy tissue that remains. The inflammation can begin to attack the inner lining of the arteries or intestine, cells of the liver and brain, or tissue in the muscles and joints. This cellular damage caused by inflammation can lead to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, dementia, heart disease, arthritis, and depression.

In addition, you must pay close attention because its slow and discrete nature makes diagnosis difficult until these disorders show symptoms.

Unfortunately, aging increases inflammation. Yes, the older we are, the more exposed we have been to environmental toxins, stress, alcohol, harmful foods and chronic diseases. In addition, as we age, the body has a harder time managing the immune system well, extracting nutrients from food, and losing weight. At a certain age we all have some level of inflammation in the body; the key is prevention to keep it as far away as possible from our body. Inflammation can be measured only with a blood test interpreted by your doctor.

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