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Bone and Joint Health

A skeleton can make us think of illness and death. Often symbolizes danger or poison. But your bones are alive and well, and good bone health begins at the cellular level.

Your skeleton is full of cells, each with a special function. The cells in your bones create everything from new bones to the blood that is pumped through your heart. However, our main focus here will be on the structural components of your bone anatomy.                                     

There are three types of cells: Osteoblasts, Osteocytes, Osteoclasts that help maintain the integrity of the bones. Their names provide us with important information about their role. It is important to understand how bone cells operate. Knowing how your bones work can explain how braces straighten teeth and how broken bones heal.

Bone cells regenerate at a fairly exceptional rate. It’s a myth that we only have one skeleton in our lifetime. In fact, our skeleton is completely replaced between every 2 and every 12 years, depending on age. It regenerates more quickly when you are young, and as we get older, the regenerating process slows. Without this process, bones weakened by previous fractures or put under constant stress would never be repaired. Instead, these regions grow and become stronger than ever.

This constant regeneration and replacement should give you hope. Every day is a new opportunity to help your skeleton. Therefore, it is never too late to develop prevention habits that protect your bone health.

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