At SK we work to find the underlying cause of our patients' symptoms, problems and health concerns.

Don’t get sick, every day you stay healthy and alive is another day that medical science gets closer to finding the ultimate cure to curb disease and aging.

Areas of Expertise

Methods and treatments used


Our Therapeutic practice is systems oriented. Evolving from the traditional medicine of treating disease as symptoms of medical practice to a more holistic approach to the root causes, at SCHWEIZER KLINIK we address the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

A focus on the patient
Promoting health as positive vitality, beyond the mere absence of disease. We pay attention to our patients, understanding their problems, and make it easier for our patients to discover more about themselves so that we can tailor treatment to meet each individual’s unique needs.

Our approach is integrative and scientifically based.
We take into account the complex web of interactions in our patient’s history, physiology and lifestyle that have led to the disease. Each patient’s unique makeup is taken into account along with the internal and external factors that affect the body’s functioning.

Integrating the best of medical practice
We integrate the best of allopathic or traditional Medicine with Functional Medicine creating a complementary approach focused on prevention through Cellular Nutrition by using the latest laboratory tests and other diagnostic techniques for preventive prescribing and complementary prescribing with Cellular Renovation Therapies, detoxification programs, exercise and stress management.

Our approach is also complementary.
We work together with the allopathic prescription scheme indicated by your primary physician to treat ailments and diseases, we respect this orientation of traditional medicine, but we also complementary help to improve your health integrally to avoid as much as possible the continuity of living with the appearance of new symptoms and diseases.
Examining all aspects of each patient’s life is our commitment to optimize the genes of longevity in each individual, thus extending life with health.

Preventive Therapy

What do I need to know to always feel healthy? What should I avoid? What should I take and when should I take it?

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Organic Aging

Proper functioning of the organs depends on the proper functioning of their cells.

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Activator of Longevity

“To live a long happy life with quality of life is perhaps one of our greatest desires as human beings.

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Men's Health

Changes in the male reproductive system with aging can include changes in testicular tissue, sperm production, and erectile function

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Women's Health

Millions of women around the world suffer from some type of hormonal imbalance, whether it be Menopause

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Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

It is of great importance to mention that during aging there is a natural deceleration of metabolism, and a series of changes in energy regulation

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Free From Intoxications

We currently live in a toxic world due to metabolic waste products (endogenous toxins) and environmental toxins (exogenous)

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Antioxidant-Endocrine Health

Currently antioxidants are considered one of the most beneficial substances for health

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Kidney Health

The kidney is one of the most differentiated organs in the body

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Inflammation Free

When inflammation levels increase, the risk of disease also increases, since when any disease occurs the levels of inflammation increase naturally because the body fights the disease

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Digestive Health

There are many types of digestive disorders. In recent decades, there has been a significant increase in digestive diseases and disorders, food intolerances and allergies

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Healthy Life

Our life, at least the bodily and mental aspects, depends on our cells, that is, on these microscopic units we depend on to exist

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Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health

Aging can cause changes in the heart and blood vessels.

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Brain and Nervous System Health

The brain and spinal cord are made up of gray matter and white matter.

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Bone and Joint Health

A skeleton can make us think of illness and death. Often symbolizes danger or poison

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Skin and Muscle Health

The skin forms the outer boundary layer between the human being and the environment

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Immune Health

The thymus is a lymphoid organ that is fully developed in the first months of the fetus’s gestation and that increases in size until adolescence

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Thyroid Health

The thyroid tissue is formed by two types of cells: follicular cells and parafollicular cells

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